Navigation Menu (Instructor)

No matter where you are in the LRM, you will always see the navigation menu on the left side of your screen. You can expand and collapse the menu by clicking the right  and  left arrows. This menu allows you to navigate to everything you need to see and do in the LRM:  

  • Learner dashboard (your school’s logo).
  • Home provides instructors with a home landing page. This page provides instructors with assignment and submission notifications, social notifications, and a list of active assignments.
  • Your stream, which includes your feed, upcoming events, current news, and tweets (Stream link).
  • Your calendar which displays assignment due dates and session start/end dates (Calendar). Your calendar will also display class meeting times if your institution is also using Motivis Learning's SIS.
  • All available news stories (News link).
  • Your notifications, which is a scrollable list of your most recent personal updates displayed chronologically with the most recent at the top. You receive a notification when you receive a comment on, or when someone posts to, the group manager feed for a group you manage. The number to the right of the Notifications icon  represents the number of new notifications you have. In the Notifications section, a blue bar on the left side of a notification tile identifies a new notification. (Notifications link).
  • Direct messages between you and another person. These messages are private and not viewable by anyone else. (Messages link).
  • Connect assignments and competencies to courses, as well as interact with students and view their progress (Courses drop-down menu).
  • View and assess submitted student work from all courses (Evaluations link).
  • Build assignments and resources, as well as view competencies in your library (Curriculum drop-down menu).
  • Search for things you may be interested in (i.e., Community members and interests and topics). (Discover drop-down menu).
  • Manage and join groups (Groups link).
  • Create and follow events (Events link).
  • Share helpful and relevant resources (Resources link).
  • View personal, academic, and message information, account settings, and Help Center access (Profile drop-down menu).
  • Search throughout the product for specific information (Search box).


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