Viewing Course Progress Reports

Within the Progress Reports tab you can view student progress against each competency in the course.

Select the down arrow to the right of a competency to view the student roster for that competency, which includes the following for each student enrolled in the course:

  • Status:
    • Mastery—The student has achieved a pivotal level on the institutional scale for competency.
    • In Progress—The student has not achieved a pivotal level on the competency scale, but has submitted work for at least one course assignment that targets the competency via the selected performance indicators.
    • Inactive—The student has not yet submitted work for any course assignment that targets the competency via the selected performance indicators.
  • Proficiency Level—Determined by the student’s current level for the competency. Your school’s system administrator can configure the scale to use the default Motivis scale or create their own.

Note: Regardless of student status for assignment submissions or performance indicator mastery, “N/A” will display if no proficiency level has been selected for the competency scale.

  • Performance Indicators—All of the performance indicators that pertain to the course:
    • Blue indicates pivotal (mastery)
    • Gray indicates “in progress”
    • White indicates no progress (inactive)

Clicking on a performance indicator displays the performance indicator statement, as well as the student’s proficiency level for that performance indicator.

Clicking on the performance indicator title displays the Performance Indicators Detail page for the selected student. From this page you can:

  • Select which performance indicator you would like to review for that student.
  • Set the student’s proficiency level for each performance indicator.
  • Enter a numeric grade value.
  • View the student’s progress towards each criterion associated with the performance indicator.
  • View details including the student’s status, performance scale used to evaluate the assignment for each assignment associated with the criteria of the performance indicator, number of submissions, due date, and number of attempts.

Tip: Clicking on an assignment title opens the assignment in Preview mode in a new window.

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