Enrolling Students into Programs

When you assign a Student to the Program by populating the Current Active Program field, the Motivis LRM will generate a student Transcript record for each Competency and Performance Indicator. The Transcript record is where Student information pertaining to their progress is housed. 

To Select a Current Active Program for a Student:
  • On a student record, there is a field to associate them with the current program they are participating in.
  • Use the lookup field to populate a program to the record and select save after a Program is populated

You can enroll students by editing the Student Contact record so that the Student Contact record references a program. Once a program is referenced, Motivis automatically creates Competency and Performance Indicator Transcripts. The Transcript record is where student information pertaining to their progress is housed. One transcript record is created for each Competency and one for each Performance Indicator related to the selected Program. 

To “enroll” a student:

  1. From within Salesforce, access a student’s Contact record.
  2. Click the Edit button. The Contact Edit screen is displayed.
  3. In the Current Program field, click the Lookup icon and select a program.
  4. Click the Save button.



Note: Institutions using Motivis Learning Student Inform System (SIS) will also need to create a Student Program. See Creating a Student Program.

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