Motivis Learning Community Themes and Tags

Community Themes and Tags are created on the back end (not in the Motivis Learning Community UX). To create Themes/Tags simply follow these steps:

1. Within Salesforce, navigate to the Community Themes tab. (If you do not have a Community Themes tab, click the '+' tab and then click the Community Themes link.

2. Here is where you can create a Theme which acts as a category for tags.

3. Be sure to select a Theme type. The 'Interest' theme type will appear in the Tags field on the News, Groups, Events, and Resources pages. The 'Resource' theme type will appear in the Library field on the Resources page.

4. After a Theme is created, create a Community Tag from either the Community Tags related list or Community Tags tab.

Community Tags  - will not appear in the community if they are not associated with a Community Theme and vice versa (Community Themes will not appear in the community if they are not associated with at least one Community Tag). Tags can only be associated with one Theme, while Themes can be associated with multiple Tags.

Motivis Learning Community enhances the native Tags functionality and expands its use in many ways. We do not use any SFDC native tag functionality and instead built a data model around themes & tags completely independent of that feature. 

  • First, Motivis Learning Community allows schools to configure a pick-list of available Tags (to avoid the over-customization and lack of naming convention associated with allowing members to create their own Tags).
  • Second, it expands the use of Tags beyond Chatter posts to Custom objects like Groups, Events, News and Resources.
  • Since Tags are "discoverable" through Search, this expanded functionality not only allows members to search for posts by Tag but also to search for Groups, Events, News and Resources by Tags.
  • Third, Tags can be applied to Profiles. That means, content can be personalized for each member.
    • More importantly, since Tags can be customized, an administrator can Tag a member's Profile with meaningful Tag like "Class of 2019" an can be confident that any Post, Event, News or Resource that is tagged with "Class of 2019" displays to that member.
    • Plus, because multiple Tags can be applied to Profiles, Posts, Events, News and Resources, schools can deeply segment their content to ensure content is automatically displayed only to those members who have that Tag. For instance, a school could add Tags for "Class of 2019" plus "International" plus "Orientation" to ensure that members who are international students in the Class of 2019 have Orientation information displayed to them. This is a powerful and an incredible tool for the school to ensure targeted content is personalized to their Community members (and, will likely lessen the need to email these audiences so often)

Events - While Motivis Learning Community does not provide an event management tool, basic functionality for events is provided. This includes:

  • The ability to configure the fields that can be used on the event listing. That is, Events has some basic fields like Event Name, Date, etc. Schools can add fields specific to their institution (such as a pick-list for Campus or a field for Parking Instructions, etc.).
  • Events can be Tagged for discoverability and personalization.
  • Motivis Learning Community also provides the ability to "Share" Events, which operates just like Share does in Chatter. Events can be shared to Members and Groups.
  • There is a Chatter feed on the Event detail page so people can also comment/discuss that item, just like commenting on a news story on the web.

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