Community Profiles

Out-of-the-box Communities pull Profile information from the Salesforce User record, which is set up for Contacts who are employees of Businesses. In out-of-the-box Communities, a student in the Community would have the word “Customer” in parentheses behind the member name. Fixing this issue would require a school to perform or pay for customization of an out-of-the-box Community. With Motivis Learning Community's custom Profile functionality, schools can set up their own fields on Profile, which means schools display custom fields on the profile. Instead of the word “Customer” behind a member’s name, it could say “Student” or “Alumnus” or “Club Leader” or anything a school would like to include for its audience. Moreover, because the custom Profile functionality allows custom fields, schools can add any field they would like and expose that on a member’s Profile page. Fields could include Office Hours for faculty, Major for students, etc.


If a user is not taken to the right place in the community after submitting their general profile information please check the following:

  1. Make sure that the Motivis Learning Community user profile has EDIT access to the Contact object 
  2. Make sure that the Motivis Learning Community user profile has READ and EDIT access to the registration fields


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