Creating Groups



 As a member of the Community, you have the ability to create community groups.

There are three types:

  • Public groups which anyone can join and create. 
  • Private and Discoverable groups which anyone can find but they must request access from an Owner or Manager.
  • Private and Undiscoverable which do not come up on the All Groups page or in search. Users must be invited to join by either the Group Owner or a Manager.

To create a Group:

  1. From the Groups page, click the Create Group button. An edit page will display.

    Note: The fields you see may be different from the screenshots below, based on how you've set up your group fields.
  2. Choose a name for your group, and enter it in the Name field.
  3. From the dropdown, select whether you want this to be a public or private group. 
  4. You'll want to select a purpose for your group from the dropdown. Some choices include:
    • Geographic
    • Residence
    • Course
    • Team
    • Club
    • Project/Study Group
  5. If you want other members of the Community to see and join the group, check the Discoverable box.

    Note: If the group is public, it must be Discoverable.
  6. Enter a short description of the group in the Description box.
  7. Add a longer description about your group in the Information box. This will make your group more interesting to people looking for groups relevant to their interests! 
  8. Groups can be automatically archived after 90 days of inactivity. You can select from the list if you would like to use this function. 
  9. Select relevant tags to make your group easier to discover. It will appear in users' Recommended Group list if it matches their interest tags. 
  10. Agree to the Terms and Conditions (this may not be applicable to your institution).
  11. Click Submit button to create your group! It is automatically added to the All Groups list and to your My Groups list. You are also now a group owner.


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