Configure Motivis Learning Community Branding & Settings

There are many settings that must be updated in order for the branding to take place in the environment.
You can update your settings in two ways:

  • From within Salesforce, click the Community Settings tab. If you do not have a Community Settings tab, click the tab and then click the Community Settings link. The Unity Admin page is displayed.
  • From within Salesforce, at the end of the URL, delete anything after “” and append “apex/motivis_lrm__unityadmin” (if the MotivisLRM package is installed) or “apex/motivisu__unityadmin” (if the MotivisUnity package is installed) to the end of the URL. For example:  or The Unity Admin screen will then be displayed. 

Note:  There is one underscore character between "motivis" and "lrm" and two underscore characters between “lrm” and “unityadmin” if using the MotivisLRM package. There are two underscore characters between "motivisu" and "unityadmin" if using the MotivisUnity package.

  1. In the Community Settings section, click the Edit button.
  2. Select the Style Override checkbox. This allows for each customer’s organization to point to an external server to identify the correct CSS to display for all pages in the Community.
  3. Click the Save button.

Note: The Style Override checkbox must be selected if you want to enter and use a value in the Background Color Hex Value field.

In the Community Template Settings section, click the Edit button.

  1. In the Background Color Hex Value field, enter a hexadecimal value to define the primary color of your environment.
  2. In the Discover Page ImageID field, enter the document ID for the image you want to use at the top of the Discover page.
  3. In the Favicon ImageID field, enter the document ID of the favicon icon you want to use in your browser. This is the small icon that displays in the browser tab.
  4. In the Header Logo ImageID field, enter the documnet ID of the logo you want to use in the header of all pages.
  5. In the Privacy Policy URL field, enter a URL so that users who want to view your privacy policy will be directed to the correct page.
  6. Click the Save button.

Note: The Color Scheme, Background ImageID, and Home Page ImageID fields no longer have any effect on the new UI pages and therefore can be ignored.

Image Recommendations:

Please incorporate the following image recommendations for the Navigation bar logo and Discover page banner.
Navigation bar logo:

  • No larger than 445px (width) by 110px (height)
  • Transparent .png file
  • Horizontal logo is preferred for best branding experience

Discover page banner:

  • No larger than 1500px (wide) by 400px (height)



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