Setting Up Images for Branding Motivis Learning Community

You can brand your Community with images selected by your institution including the Header logo, Discover page image,  and Favicon image (this is the icon that appears in the browser tab).

To set up images:
1. From within Salesforce, navigate to the Community Settings tab. If you do not see this tab, click the + tab and select the Community Settings link.

2. In a separate tab or window, click the Documents tab. The Documents screen is displayed.

Note: If the Documents tab is not available, you may need to click the + tab to access it.

3. Click the Create New Folder link. The New Document Folder screen is displayed.

4. Enter a name in the Document Folder Label field.
5. Click the Public Folder Access field and select “Read/Write” from the drop-down list.
6. Make any other changes to the screen and then click the Save button. The Documents screen is displayed. Note: You may use an existing folder as long as the Public Folder Access is set to “Read/Write” and the folder is accessible by all users.
7. Click the New Document button. The Upload New Document screen is displayed.
8. Enter a name in the Document Name field.
9. Select the Externally Available Image checkbox.
10. Select the image file you want to add to the folder either by entering the path or searching for the file, or by creating a reference link to the file.
11. Click the Save button to save your changes.
12. After saving the image, copy the ID from the URL bar.

For example, if your URL displays:, copy what comes after “”, which in this example is “0151a0000000ufY”.

Note: Use the process above for your Header logo, Discover Page image and Favicon image.

14. Return to the Community Settings screen.
15. In the section named after your community, click the Edit button.. This section will display below the Community Template Settings section.
16. Paste the IDs for each image you uploaded in the appropriate fields:
  • Header Logo ImageID
  • Favicon ImageID
  • Discover Page ImageID

17. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Image Size Recommendations:
Please incorporate the following image recommendations for the Navigation bar logo and Discover page banner.

Navigation bar logo:

  • No larger than 445px (width) by 110px (height)
  • Transparent .png file
  • Horizontal logo is preferred for best branding experience

Discover page banner:

  • No larger than 1500px (wide) by 400px (height)

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