News Overview & How To:

How Does News Work:

News can be shared to Members and Groups Only users with the Unity Super User permission set can create News articles.

From the News tab users can post relevant news stories that the rest of the community can view and share with others. You can add news stories to the Current News section on the Motivis Learning Community home page by checking the 'Make Entry Sticky' checkbox. You also have option to include tags for better News management/organization. On top of this News Alerts can be created which are reserved for very important notifications or emergency messages that you would like your entire community to see. These alerts will display at the top of the home page for every user in the community.

Please see our News instructional videos:

Instructor View


Student View


How to Create a News Story:

1. From the News page click the Create button.
3. Enter a name for your news story in the Title field.
4. Click the Entry Date field. Select the date and time you want the news story posted from the calendar that displays and then click the Save button.
5. Leave the Type field set to "News" to create a news post or change type to "Link" to add a link to the Links dropdown in the navigation menu.
6. Type a description for the news item in the Description box.
7. Select the Upload Image button to upload an image for the news item.
8. Select the Make Entry Sticky checkbox to set this news story as “featured” so it will appear in the Current News section on the Home Page.  See information below on how to set the number of days a news items is featured (sticky).
9. Select the Allow Comments checkbox if you want to allow people to comment on this news story.
10. Enter a link in the URL field if applicable.
11. Select a date in the Comment Expiration Date field to choose when the news post will expire.
12. In the Select Tags dropdown, click a category to display the list of available tags. Select the tags you want to use for your news story so that users with the same interests will find it. The tags you select are displayed in the Select Tags field. You can also type tags directly into the Select Tags field.
13. Click the Post button.

You can configure the number of days news stories will stay on the Motivis Learning Community Home page.
To configure the number of days:
1. From within Salesforce, navigate to the Home page.
2. At the end of the URL, delete anything after “” and append “apex/motivis_lrm__unityadmin” if the Motivis LRM package is installed or “apex/motivisu__unityadmin” if the Motivis Unity package is installed to the end of the URL. The Unity Admin screen is displayed.
3. For example:
(There are two underscore characters between "motivis_lrm"/“motivisu” and “unityadmin”).

4. In the Community Settings section, click the Edit button.
5. In the Sticky News Number of Days field, enter the number of days you want news stories to stay in the Current News section on the Community Home page.
6. Click the Save button.


News Detail Page - Add/Remove Fields 

If you wish to add, remove or edit fields on the News page for your institution, you can:

Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Community News > Field Sets > ViewNews fieldset and EditNews fieldset and  relevant to your institution.





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