Familiarizing With Motivis Terms

Competency-based education is new, and standardized terminology has yet to completely solidify. To ensure we are all clearly communicating about the components of CBE, we are calling out definitions. You may call these terms something different, and that’s ok, though you may want to share these terms with Motivis LRM users for clarity.
Housed in an Assignment Library, an assignment is an expected outcome that a faculty member can give to a student where the student is expected to perform. An assignment has a relationship to performance indicators and then competencies. Each display on student progress.
Housed in the Competency Library. Enduring knowledge and skills that transcend a Learner’s time in a course that are comprised of a collection of Performance Indicators. Not to be confused with course objectives, they are what students need to know for their next steps in their academic or professional journey. The Competency is the “parent” to Performance Indicators.
A specific class, unit, project that a student must complete as part of a program.
How a student demonstrates mastery of a Performance Indicator. A Performance Indicator is composed of Criteria, which are unique to each Assignment. The 'what' component of a Rubric.
Motivis Learning term for features built into the LRM that encourage and guide best practices for meaningful data collection enabling rich Assessment and Measurement while accommodating individual institutional needs.
          The Competency Library feature encourages users to build in an ordered process the Performance Measures, allowing for measurement of student mastery towards Competencies.

Criteria Descriptor
Motivis Learning LRM term for text defining/summarizing degree of proficiency for the performance level of a Criteria within the context of a given Assignment.

          If the scale included ‘Beginner’ has the description.
Performance Indicator
Often generated by bundling together common state or industry standards, Performance Indicators are clear and measurable skills that demonstrate mastery. Multiple Performance Indicators can be tied to a single Assignment, and a single Performance Indicator can be tied to multiple Assignments.

          “Students develop initiative and take ownership of their learning.”
Performance Measures
For a given Assignment, a collection of Criteria as it pertains to a Performance Indicator relative to the Competency. This allows for measurement of Learner mastery of a Competency.


Performance Scale
Housed in the Competency Library, the scale a collection of performance levels that will be assigned to a rubric, thereby providing the Instructor with directions on how to evaluate the student for an assignment.

Example of a Four Level Performance Scale:

  • Emerging Expert
  • Strategic Learner
  • Advanced Beginner
  • Beginner

A set of courses that are bundled together under a specific topic, theme, training, or mastery area.

Housed in a Resource Library, Resources are content available to all students and provide information relevant to specific Assignments.

  • Tutorial video
  • Instructions PDF
  • Link to original source

Motivis Learning Community 
Motivis Learning Community is the social component of Motivis LRM, where you can create groups of any mix of students within your program, post calendar events, add resources, create general announcements, and more.

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