Adding Assignments to a Course

Caution: Before adding assignments, you need to add competencies and performance indicators to your course if you are adding competency based assignments. Only assignments that are published and related to the competencies and performance indicators you added to the course are displayed.

You can add assignments to a course from the Assignments tab in two ways: from the Assignment Library or by creating a new assignment.

Option 1: Add Existing Assignment from Assignment Library

If the assignment has already been created and added to the Assignment Library, click the Add button and then select “Assignments from Library” from the drop-down. From this view you can search for the assignment you wish to add, see the assignments already selected, and use the competency coverage builder for competency based assignments on the right to keep track of how well you are covering each competency and performance indicator.


Option 2: Add New Assignment

If the assignment is not already in the Assignment Library, click the Add button and then select either “New Submission Assignment”, “New Discussion Assignment”, or “New Quiz Assignment” from the drop-down. The New Assignment page opens and you can create a new assignment that will be stored in the Assignment Library.

Note: A newly created assignment must be published in order to be available to the course.

For more information on creating a new assignment, refer to Building Out the Assignment Library.


Once you have added an assignment, return to the Assignments tab within the course. Once an assignment is ready for a course, you need to assign it to enrolled students. Click the button to the right of an assignment title and then either select all, deselect all, or select or deselect individual students who are currently enrolled in the course. The number represents the number of students currently selected to assign to. Once students are selected, click the Assign button.

Note: Please keep in mind that publishing your assignments is intended to be a one-time action, so please make sure your assignments are all planned before publishing for the session.

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