Viewing and Adding Course Competencies

From the Competencies tab within a course, you can view and assign competencies and performance indicators to a course.

Note: In order for competencies and performance indicators on an assignment to be visible to a student, they MUST also be assigned to a course.

Note: It is recommended that when you build a course, you BEGIN with this step, then build assignments after based on these competency/performance indicator decisions.


Viewing Competencies

Note: This view of competencies for the course is the same view that a student sees.

Each competency, denoted with the Ribbon  icon, and related performance indicators, denoted with the Star star.png icon, are displayed under the Competencies section.

To the right you will see course details, including:

  • Course title
  • Course availability (defined during course creation by an administrator)
  • Course description (editable so you can make it specific to your course)

Assigning Competencies

At the bottom of the list of competencies linked to a course, if the competency has already been created and added to the Competency Library you can add new competencies to the course by clicking the Add/Remove button.

Note: Unlike adding new assignments, you do not have the option to create a new competency from a course.

Note: If you add competencies and performance indicators after an assignment is linked to a course, they will NOT be added to the student.


From this view you can search for the competency or performance indicator you wish to add to the course (using the filter) and remind yourself what competencies and performance indicators are already being addressed on that given course (listed in the Selected Items section).


You can remove a competency or performance indicator from a course by clicking the X to the right of the competency or performance indicator name. This removes the link to the course. When you are satisfied with your competencies, click the Update & Close button.

Note: If you have already added students to a course, and a student has submitted work for those competencies, alert your administrator, as additional steps may be required.

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