Viewing the Roster of Enrolled Students

From the Roster tab within a course, you will see a list of all students who are enrolled in that course, listed alphabetically by last name, along with data on assignment completion and last login. You can filter for students using the search bar at the top. 


Note: A system administrator determines enrollment. If you have any issues with your roster, please reach out for assistance.

If you click on a student name in the roster, the Assignments tab displays on the right side showing a course summary for the student, which includes:

  • Student profile image, first and last name.
  • Number of completed assignments.
  • Add button, which is used to add an assignment to an individual student.
  • New comment notification for each assignment.
  • List of all student assignments, which are filterable by completion status (in progress, inactive, completed). The assignment type (Submission or Discussion) is listed after each assignment title. You can click the assignment title to open the evaluation page for the assignment.
  • A variety of metrics for each assignment:
    • Due date/days past due
    • Current status
    • Date and time of last submission (submission assignment)
    • Date of last post (discussion assignment)
    • Number of criteria completed out of total criteria
    • Date of last contact with student
    • Number of student submissions (submission assignment)
    • Number of posts in the group (discussion assignment)
    • Number of comments posted (discussion assignment)
    • Date and time of last evaluation
    • Date and time of last resource download



From the Individual Progress tab, you can view:

  • Each targeted competency in the course, with the number of related mastered performance indicators out of the total number of performance indicators.
  • For each performance indicator related to a competency, the student’s mastery status and proficiency level.

Be sure to check out our walkthrough below.


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