Evaluations Page

When you log into the LRM you land on the Evaluations page so that you may easily view student submissions for Courses to which you are assigned. By default, the Submissions tab is displayed and submissions are listed from oldest to newest.


From the Submissions tab on the Evaluations page you can:

  • Filter evaluations.

  • Access submitted assignments for assessment.

  • Communicate with students on any of the assignments.

You can filter assignments by course and/or type using the Filter drop-down; further search for specific assignments or students using the Filter by keyword field; or use one of the predefined views: All or Submissions.

  • All: Shows all assignments (discussion and submission) that are in progress (assigned to student, submitted, resubmitted, etc.).

  • Submissions: Shows all assignments (Submission or Discussion) that are ready for you to assess.

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