Determining Performance Indicators

Often industry standards (higher education), Common Core State Standards, C3, Next Gen science (K-12) will identify specific learning outcomes, or help narrow down what specific indicators of student performance are needed to measure to reflect mastery of the competency statement. For each competency statement written, there should be several Performance Indicators that are actionable examples of student learning outcomes that clearly indicate a student has obtained and can apply the skills embedded in the competency statement. These standards can be identified and then “unpacked” to show common threads and outcomes within a course or interdisciplinarily.
Strong Performance Indicators define what is to be measured in clear and descriptive language. Performance Indicators should promote multiple and varied opportunities to demonstrate evidence of learning in interdisciplinary fashion.
Competency: Students will apply concepts and create programs that adhere to strong Object Oriented Principles (programming).



  1. Student is able to construct and implement well formed objects.
  2. Student is able to create valid classes that provide functionality defined in a specification.
  3. Student is able to develop code that adheres to the concept of separation of concerns.

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