Writing Competency Statements

Competency Statements should be written in a clear and descriptive way that captures the skills that students need to be successful outside of a class. The true indication of learning is what students retain after a course is completed. Develop competency statements by identifying what skills are necessary for students to be successful in life or a particular field. Competency statements should have real-world, authentic application and require a deep understanding of content, as well as application of knowledge to a variety of settings.
A strong competency asks students to create complex, conceptual connections and exhibit a level of understanding that goes beyond the stated facts or literal interpretation and defend their position or point of view through application of content.
Competency statements should be informed by enduring understandings derived from state or national standards that are clustered and connect content to high level course or program concepts or concepts that transcend across courses or industries.
We highly encourage you to craft competency statements that are NOT just national, state, or local standards. Taking the time to write statements with recommendations above will not only pave the way for a successful CBE program, but will ensure appropriate and automated measurement of student success.
Computer Science course Competency
Students will apply concepts and create programs that adhere to strong Object Oriented Principles (programming).

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